The horror continues...

I am writing a new post because what happened is a new chapter in my journey.
Today, 20.01.2012 for the first time since i travel i got a visa rejection! For NO REASON!!! Today I got to Gaborone after six days traveling around the country. I went straight to the embassy. The two horrible, mean and rude women who harrased me the first time, were very happy to inform me that my request for a visa was rejected! The reasons, they said, will be kept in secret. I spoke with their boss on the phone, she  whispered: "there are various reasons ..." to my question what are the reasons, "but we can not tell you, we will keep them in secret !" Next i called the office of immigration in Zimbabwe, they told me to call someone named Mr. Mukuku. I called Mukuku - he did not answer! Again - nothing! The two black women were so happy to see me at the edge of a nervous breakdown! $ 40 to the garbage, the first thing they said is that i  will not get a penny of my money back !!! And I wonder now - who put the money in her pocket - the fat and old on the right desk or the fat and young on the left! One of them said: "you can still apply for a transit visa, it will cost another $ 40 and you will wait another 10 days, there is nothing else you can do, it is not our problem, we will not give you the visa!" Ahhh, no thanks, i don't want to step in Zimbabwe for the rest of my life! Tomorrow I leave for Zambia. I will go to Lusaka, will try to get a visa for Mozambique. From Mozambique to South Africa. This is my last option! If they don't give me a visa for Mozambique, i have no other option but to start going back home through the same route. My options are melting with the speed of time and money, soon there will be nowhere to move. I sill can't believe how many horrible people there are in Africa, this trip has nothing to do with the Asian one and my patience here is tested every moment. There is nothing that I can't handle, but the bureaucracy is just killing me not only because of the nasty people in the embassies, but because it eats my time and money and puts me in a situation of being stuck in a country, not being able to move and travel free. It turns out that most of the time in this trip i spend dealing with visas and embassies, not exploring the countries and culture. Very very sad and frustrating indeed Africa is really  difficult to travel, but not because of wars, terrorists, diseases, etc., but only because of the visas!!!

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