One bad thing never comes alone!!!

Shortly - the last week of my trip turned into a hell. For two days i got 3 visa rejections. They turned me back at the border of Zimbabwe. They turned me back also in the embassies of Namibia and South Africa. Now I'm in Botswana. I just applied for a Zimbabwean visa and now i am waiting seven days so they eventually give me the visa. People in the embassies are very rude and generally try to stop me. Nobody wants to help me in any way. For the last two days i am so stressed that i can't even eat. The people that i meet in the last days here are worse than Europeans. Cold, no humanity, no understanding. Prices got up, kindness sank into the ground. On the border with Zimbabwe they kicked me out as i was a dirty dog ​​!!! Neither smile nor requests - nothing could make them give me a visa, however, all other European nationalities pass without a problem. Same for Namibia, same for South Africa - everyone goes without visa, only we Bulgarians are screwed. Nobody wants us anywhere?!
Today i arrived in Gaborone hitchhiking transit from the border with Zambia. I was hoping to get visas for Namibia and South Africa here. At both embassies they literally kicked me out. The fat black woman in the South African embassy was so rude: "and now what, I guess you'll have to fly back home!" The black woman in the Namibian embassy refused to even listen to me because i am not a resident of Botswana so i am not allowed to apply there... The Embassy of Zimbabwe destroyed me emotionally with the requirement for an invitation letter or a hotel reservation. Currently I am looking for the invitation. If I find one, i will submit the documents tomorrow, and the visa (if they give me one) will be ready after more than a week. Until then i must wait in Gaborone. I had nowhere to sleep, but a family who was waiting at the line in the embassy, saw what happened to me and invited me home so now i am not homeless in the big city.

In Lusaka i lost all my money in cash - $ 120. They felt out of my bag, they were not stolen i am sure. In the last days i got so many problems, it's like a rain of troubles and i am getting more and more soaked! The only positive thing in the mess is that if they don't give me the visa for Zimbabwe, at least I can go back to Zambia (pay another 50 $ of course) and from there slowly go home the same way or try to go to Congo. But anyway, the countries in southern Africa are not hospitable for Bulgarians and if you don't get your visas in BG, it is not easy elsewhere. Which makes me sad because I had big plans for South Africa and many people who i wanted to meet there, and now I'm screwed because of idiotic rules! If they let me in Zimbabwe i will try again to get the visa for South Africa there, if it doesn't work i will try again in Mozambique and hopefully somewhere it will work out. Africa is the most terrible place for traveling when it comes to visas. And I was worried about Angola .... seems like they don't let me in all the other countries! So as I wrote above - one bad thing never comes alone !!!!

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