Light at the end of the tunnel :)

 So - I managed to get to Zimbabwe and i am here legally :) The story is very interesting :) I didn't give up and i showed up at the border without a visa, what happened next i will share when i leave the country. For now i'll just say that i'm here on a 30 days visa and i have a real chance to get the visa for South Africa. In the morning i applied for the Mozambique visa, it will be ready tomorrow morning. They didn't want any documents, nothing. Polite, smiling, nice people accepted my passport and told me to go back tomorrow to collect it. If it was like this everywhere my life would be so much easier :)
I also found the address of the Bulgarian Embassy in Harare and guess what - the worst surprise - it was closed forever and now there is the Turkish embassy at it's place! The Turk Ahmed told me to go to the last surviving BG embassy - the one in  Pretoria, SA. So now i have no other cjoice but to go to South Africa no matter what it costs me because i must get a new passport, this one is getting really full.
I went to the Embassy of South Africa. There was a queue and i was waiting for two hours till my turn came. Polite gentleman listened to me and told me that i can get a visa, but it will take seven days and will cost $ 60 plus a guarantee of $ 500, which i should pay them and i will get it back as soon as i go back to BG. They want an invitation letter and a bank statement too, no airline tickets and proof of employment. A light in the tunnel! Now i must withdraw $ 560 and print an invitation, then wait seven days and explore this beautiful country during this time :)
Tomorrow i hope i will have time to write about Botswana and about the nice people i met along the way :)))) So many elephants and ostriches, Kalahari desert and Okavango Delta, a family from DRC, who adopted me for two days and another family in Gaborone, where I stayed 5-6 days... camping next to a herd of elephants, nocturnal adventures with poisonous insects that I see for the first time, a number of meetings with cows and how i changed an African, who decided to become a vegetarian after he met me.... ehhh i have so much to write about :)))) I'll try tomorrow, i am really behind with writing because of this nonsense with the visas and all the stress that i deal with. Now my nerves calmed down, i'll get the visa for Mozambique tomorrow and then start fighting for the South African visa. If i succeed, everything should go fine and i will have one more big challange on the way back - the DR Congo - a country with no roads and traffic, i will have to cross 2000 kilometers, if i don't get the Angola visa (people say it is the hardest one to get in Africa). And now I can't wait to get out of the civilized counties of South Africa and go back to where i was the only mzungu, where there were no paved roads, supermarkets and shopping malls! Botswana is a rich country, with it's diamonds and the prices in stores which are higher than European. Zimbabwe is also quite expencive. I'll remember it not because of the prices, but because it is the only country so far where it is forbidden to wear camouflage clothing :))) So at the border i was forced to change my panths and put the one that i use as pajamas :)) The last thing i want is to be arrested here, they have a lot of problems with the political situation at the moment, so it's better if you don't attract too much attention.

Now i hit the road again, but just to get out of town to find a place to sleep, i have no CS host here and tomorrow i should be back to get my visa at 8:00 AM, so I can't go too far from the city.

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