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This is the info i posted in the hitchhikers group on CS, it's about the visas and borders till now:

As i started in Bulgaria i am not going to write about hh in Turkey, everyone knows it's easy and great :) So Syria.. border was open three months ago, i got my visa easily in Sofia, costs 70 euros. No problem to cross the border on foot. hitchhiking in Syria was perfect, just make sure you say in advance the ride is for free. People are kind and respectful, no hassle at all. When i was there it was lots of soldiers and tanks around Homs and they were shooting all night long but i don't see anything to worry about, i walked around in all cities i went to and it was nice and safe. Syria to Lebanon is an easy crossing, you get a small stamp at the border, that's the visa and it's for 1 month. I didn't like that much the people in Lebanon because i got some verbal harassment a few times, otherwise hitchhiking is easy everywhere. Then you must go back to Syria again if you want to go to Jordan, each time you go out of Syria you pay around 12 $ exit fee. To Jordan is an easy crossing, you get visa at the border for 32$. Hitchhiking in Jordan is perfect, again make sure you are clear in advance that you don't pay. People are hospitable and kind, i got invited to many homes when hitchhiking and had a great time. Crossing to Egypt is by ferry, you buy the ticket in Aqaba in the office of the company (no tickets at the port!) and it costs 65 $. That's the slow ferry which leaves around midnight and you arrive in Egypt in the morning. At the port there is a small bank where you buy your visa sticker for 15$ then go to the immigration and get stamped. Hitchhiking in Egypt is fine, again must be clear about no money. I got lots of harassment when walking on the streets but never when hitchhiking. The country is easy and of course safe to move around. The visa for Sudan i got in Cairo for two days but first i got the Ethiopian (30$) because i think that's the only way to get sudanese without invitation letter. Ethiopian was very easy, the next day i got it. For the Sudanese i said i have no invitation but i showed the ethiopean so they gave me transit visa for one month! The visa starts in the day when you apply so be careful! It costs 100$. You must have the passport photo and copy. You must apply in the morning, they open at 9:00. They give you the visa the next day.
About the only open border crossing it's a ferry Aswan - Wadi Hafa, it's only on Monday. Ticket costs around 60 $/ 323 pounds and you buy it from the Nile River Valley Corporation office in Aswan (it's near the train st., just ask). For locals its completely different price of course! The ferry is extremely crowded, you must go early and find a good spot on the deck and put something like a bag or blancket to save the place for yourself because other people will take it, it's a big fight for sleeping space! The immigrations are on the ferry, apart from the stamp they must give you travel permit. And in 3 days you must register in police, which costs another 60$ in Khartoum and it's very very bad because they acept only sudanese pounds and all the banks refuse to exchange money so make sure you make your registration in Wadi Halfa and exchange enough money there, many people on the boat will offer you exchange! ATMs NOT working in Sudan with any international cards! Hitchhiking in Sudan was PERFECT :) People are ANGELS :))) Everyone stops they take you home they feed you and take care of you and their kindness is amazing! One of the safest counties i have seen... Sudan to Ethiopia is an easy hitch, many trucks. Border crossing will take an hour with all the offices you must pass through. Better if you don't exchange sudanese pounds there, it's a bad rate like everywhere else so better spend them all. HH in Ethiopia is hard, problematic and very slow in the north, almost no cars, the road Gondar -Axum is under construction so it's hard to find a normal car on it, everyone avoids it. I walked three days on it before a car took me :) Hh in the south of the country is easier. To Djibouti is easy too because there are lots of trucks. I didn't like Ethiopia because of the people, they were really rude, lots of people were throwing stones on me, following me when i am walking, screaming "faranji" all the time, annoying me in any possible way... camping in the wild is very hard because of overpopulation, there are people everywhere. I DO NOT recommend Ethiopia to independent travelers, it is not enjoyable and you will be angry all the time. Check the book of Alexander and Sonia - the french couple who walked through Africa 3 years, i experienced the same troubles as they did and it's almost 10 years later now. Children are really the worst because you can't even beat them as you can beat the older ones. Everyone believes you are very rich if you are white and they try to take anything out of you. It's definitely not dangerous county but it's not enjoyable to walk in it and hitchhiking can be really slow. Visas for Djibouti and Somaliland i got in Addis. They cost 40 $ each. Crossing to Djibouti is easy, you get a truck after Nazareth and after 2 days you will be in Djibouti city. People there are kinder, not many hasslers and in general peaceful county. Crossing to Somaliland is ok but no cars on the road! you will get stuck at the border because police don't let you walk in the country, it's forbidden! So i didn't enjoy my time there because of limiting my freedom and there was nothing to do. The policemen hitchhiked cars for me so i managed to move to Hargeisa and out but it was a pathetic journey with no adventure. People are extremely nice, friendly and talkative, i consider Somaliland as one of the safest counties in the world. I wanted to go also to south Somalia but visa is not issued for foreigners, people believe it's dangerous (very stupid and annoying!). Crossing back to Ethiopia was fine, i had multiply visa so didn't need a new one. To Kenya you must cross to Moyale, there is not much traffic after the border so i recommend that you get a car/truck before the border and stay in it till at least Marsabit. The road Moyale to Isiolo is very very bad and takes a long time, prepare one day only for passing through there. Visa for Kenya you get at the border for 50$. HH in Kenya is fantastic, people very kind, wild camping easy everywhere and you can also ask in any house if you can camp in their garden i am sure nobody will say no. People are friendly and hospitable, no hasslers! To Uganda is very easy crossing, visa at the border 50$, lots of traffic, easy to get a lift.
Nobody in Kenya, Sudan and Uganda expected a payment for hitchhiking! So now i am in Uganda, waiting for visa for Rwanda.
About malaria - i take nothing, i have no mosquito net.
Water - i drink everything from everywhere. I drunk water from the Nile, from other rivers, lakes like lake Tana... tap water everywhere. I don't boil and i don't purify it in any way. Never had stomach problems! Food - i eat everything everywhere (only vegetarian of course :) Never had any problem.

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