A Lyrical break

When I left the internet café the other day, I felt there is so much more to share!!! Obsessed by the screen and slow net one could forget. Eager to add that my visa for Rwanda is in my pocket. But most of all I am about to visit the amazing astonishing lakes at Fort Portal. Among a deep jungle there are crater lakes. Monkeys everywhere. Uganda is famous for its monkeys after all. The ticket for this paradise Reserve is 500$. Sick people!!! Money is God here obviously no matter that any five minutes one could see signs “.. I love Jesus”. One driver even told me that God is for to save us from danger and to give us money… No comment…
Last night illegally I slept in the botanic garden of Fort Portal. More like Deep Junlge actually than European gardens.
So beautiful! I saw thousands of birds!!! It started raining though. I was completely wet this morning. Full of energy and enthusiasm though, this moisture is not stopping me to go to the crater lakes next. The Equator is where I am and this rainy season is not that heavy to let me down!!!  Got used to it anyway. With such beauty all around, life is crazy and inspiring. White Colobus and Blue Monkey are kind of monekeys completely new for me. Looking at them with amazement. 

Money is not a goal but means so some arithmetics:
130$- visas
29$ - internet
3$ - sewer for my pantalones
20$ - mail tax to send my photos home in Bulgaria
6$- mineral water in Djebouty
21$ - food and other

Physically I am more than well. I walk a lot so despite my everyday feasts with delicious food I am loosing weight. Trying never to miss my lunch as usually this happens. My tent and rucksack are in perfect condition even wet .
Two things still make me sad.
Christmas time I shall be on the road in the rain and my family in Bulgaria will miss me. This is the most loving and supportive family of all the planet and I am so grateful. Without their enormous spiritual support perhaps my heart would never enjoy so much this beautiful life travelling or even this adventure might not be happening. So wise and intelligent my parents are! Love and respect. It is difficult for them too but Adventure is the food for the spirit and becoming an independent rich soul needs it the most. My dog Robyn is in their care which is another great relief.
My second bother is the luck of music. I am dying!!!!! without it, how didn’t I made everything to repair my mp3 player. The internet connection everywhere is poor and weak, even youtube clips are impossible to listen to. AAAAAAA. There is no one to share this with so these lines are the only place for my emotions.  My voice is in a desert here  and even though the solitude is not becoming loneliness still one needs some moments of kindness with old friends and family.  Life without music is NOT life at all!!!
Birds singing and monkey screams are real music though so this is only a momentary lapse of reason and I am so happy actually!!! ) Going to the jungle now…

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