Some calculations and facts about the journey so far

On 01.11.2011 i made some calculations of the money spent so far:

$ 464 - visas, exit fees and ferries that could not be avoided
$ 43 - Internet
$ 30 - postage - sending my photos to Bulgaria
$ 17 - entrance fees for sights
$ 3 - flag patches for my backpack
$ 72 - food, drinks and everything else

Since then of course costs increased, for the Kenyan visa I paid $ 50.
The state of my belongings:
My pants were already fixed twice by local tailors, now there are more patches on them, than the original matherial :) All my T-shirts are covered in holes and faded because of the sun. My sandals have huge holes on the bottom, so now i wear the sneakers more often. I have no more socks without many holes ... My backpack changed it's color, became brighter because of the sun. My camera bag has holes everywhere and i am now very careful when i open it because the zipper is also not working... My hair is a total disaster, i can not brush it at all, it's impossible, looks like i have unwanted dreadlocks :) My passport will be full before i reach South Africa and I need a new passport :(
So for now this is the situation. Whatever can be fixed, i fix it, whatever can not, i wear it until it falls apart completely :) It's actually very good that i travel with bad looking clothes in Africa, because i'm anyway a perfect target for people who believe that if you're white, you're rich, so better to look like a beggar and try to make them think i am poor when they see me wearing clothes covered in holes :)

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