Kenya - a beautiful treasure

In the last week so many things happened, I don't know how to describe everything :) The journey is more wonderful than ever, I have no words for the beauty that I saw, the animals that i created friendships with, and the people who surprise me every day with their kindness :)
My couchsurfing hosts in Naivasha were a great kikuyu family (kikuyu is one of the 42 tribes of Kenya). Ruth, one of their daughters, picked me up from town with her motorbike, she works as a mototaxi (taxi on a motorbike). It was just another rainy day in Kenya (now the rainy season), so i was very happy to find myself in their beautiful house. They are all artists and when you enter their home, you are surrounded by amazing paintings and artworks, and you can't take your eyes off them for a long time :) Ruth's father was angry because he just wrote a long email on the computer and the electricity stopped so he lost everything and had to write it again. Electricity often stops in Kenya, when you type something on a computer, you must save it all the time.While i was there, Ruth's family had another couchsurfer - Chris from Germany who is there for a long time and workes on a project related to the influence of media on local people in Kenya. He told me that he already had malaria twice and survived. Ruth's mother complained that she had a very bad malaria in Kisumu (city on the Victoria lake)... Everyone here talks about malaria, the foreigners get pills and use a spray, locals use some weird creams and sleep with mosquito net ... people say that there is a very high risk everywhere in Kenya at the time of the rainy season. Seems like foreigners in Africa are very afriad of malaria. There are mosquitoes everywhere and people say that most of them carry the worst type of malaria, widespread mainly in Kenya and Tanzania, especially around Lake Victoria. Well, i can never understand why people come here if there are so afraid of it... pathethic! And some locals don't even go to the hospital if its a mild form of malaria, they survive it as it is a bad flue.
After the conversations about malaria we all had a very tasty meal called mokimo - kikuyu traditional dish made out of of corn, peas, potatoes, all together as a thick mixture, really tasty :) In the evening the whole family sits in front of the TV watching Mexican soap operas :)) There is simply no better fun of seeing the daughters dreaming to be white, go to Mexico and marry the main character in the movie :)) And then comes the news where they show terrifying moments from the border regions with Somalia, where there is a war going with Al-Shabaab - a terrorist group, kidnapping foreigners from Kenya to Somalia. Everyone in the  room started joking with me that Al-Shabaab doesn't need to come all the way to Kenya to kidnap me, they could get me directly while i was in Somalia :) It is sad that Kenyans don't believe me when i tell them how kind and good are the people in Somaliland.
Earlier this afternoon i went with Ruth to the home of a lady who was breeding rabbits and Ruth was going to pick up her rabbit today. I was fortunate to hug and play with the rabbit, thanks God they don't eat the rabbits here, they have them as pets! It was real fun to see a dozen of people surrounding the poor rabbit and nobody dares to catch him, because they are afraid to be scratched :)) And the rabbit got into my hands, i hugged it all the way back home and i tried to teach Ruth's family how to behave with it so it won't get scared. It is such a cute bunny... white, fluffy ...
Chris told me about a place near Naivasha where you can see lots of wildlife outside national parks. In the morning I headed there. Just near the road i saw giraffes, zebras, three different types of antelopes. I spent many hours with them, at one point even their fear was gone and they let me come closer. I mixed with the herds and even had a close encounter face to face with the bravest giraffe - he or she almost licked my face with his huge ridiculous looking tounge! Zebras were so much fun, especially with the small birds on their backs... wildebeests surrounded me on all sides, made a circle around me, seems to be very organized and smart animals! They staired at me some time before they realized i am not an enemy and kept on eating grass ... 

I will continue writing tomorrow, now I must meet my host in Kampala :)

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