AND AGAIN – Ethiopian Sorrow and Suffering

I wished so much to write something nice for this country but I can’t – I cannot say white to something which is black. I can’t find the right words to express my disgust towards these people and their extreme stupidity and imbecility. I woke up every day, hoping this day will be better than the previous one. Every day I expect to meet interesting and kind people to whom I can normally communicate……..but obviously, this would be somewhere else but Ethiopia. These people’s mentality is horrific and unbearable and I refuse to tolerate it.
I made a wonderful route to Blue Nile waterfalls, which was accompanied, as usual, with a lot of shouting, stones, insults and freaks who followed me, retarded people and many other unpleasant individuals. The waterfalls, on the other hand, were superb!!! Such beauty, as if they were unreal! I had the perfect timing, when the river was in its high waters and the waterfalls were monstrously enormous. They were in their element! I wished I could upload some photos, but in a few weeks, when the photos arrive in Bulgaria, you could see the waterfalls. I slept over close to the waterfalls, in the yard of the tourist office (to sleep closer to the waterfalls would be a real madness, cause the locals would walk around all night with the idea to steal something). The employees suggested me politely to use their back yard and said that this wasn’t the first time when a person slept in a tent there. I slept perfectly well, and the next day I walked really a lot to get back. My walking was over when two Belgium people took me with their car to Bahir Dar and explained that 20 years ago the situation in Ethiopia was completely different. According to them, since white people started to give money to the locals, the foreigner became a symbol of money! Each white person is considered to be a walking bank, which is supposed to give money all the time at any time. The caused damage by the tourists had a horrific impact on the locals. People are so lazy that nothing can make them do anything. Why should they work when they can steal or cheat, or white people would give them?
The same day in the afternoon, I started to hitchhike towards Addis Ababa. Weird people gave me a lift to the next town which was 75 km away. And then I started to walk…. I do not remember for how many hours. All kinds of irritating people, chasers, students, who really pissed me off, were walking after me and were trying to get something from my rucksack!!! I threw a lot of stones and few heads had the chance to feel the heaviness of my bottle with water. So, after all these troubles, a car gave me a lift. We were 7 people in a Toyota pick-up. All of them were youngsters who were going to exchange experience with companies, operating in the sphere of agriculture. They were pretty educated and pleasant and they made a great impression on me since I don’t meet such people very often. I saw Egyptians to read a book for the first time!!! And it was in English!! I reached Debre Markos with them but it got dark, so they stopped to sleep over in a hotel. I talked with the owner of a small restaurant to sleep in his yard and the deal was to eat in the restaurant. So, I ate my favourite tagamino (50 stotinki for a meal) and pitched my tent on the cement where I had a great sleep. On the next day, we arrived at Addis and the youngsters left me at the centre. Before that, we noticed a lot of wild monkeys coming down the mountains which came to beg from the passing cars. They were as big as my dog and they really loved to be photographed.  Once in Addis, I tried to get in touch with my host with the hope I would finally stay in an Ethiopian home and headed towards his house. Addis is a over polluted town, full of disgusting people, all kinds of cheaters and aggressive beggars, even more unpleasant than these in the countryside. About my dreams for staying in an Ethiopian house - all was in vain. The host’s family didn’t even say hello, they were so rude and cold. The host himself was weird; we did not have a common topic to talk about and I had the feeling that he was interested only in one thing – how he could get more money. He didn’t treat me badly at all but he is just not the kind of guy whom you could talk to. On the second day, I met a coach surfer from Argentina who was going to leave his luggage in my host’s house for a few days. The first thing he shared was that he was robbed twice for the first two days of his stay in Addis!!!  He was tall and of muscular build and locals were like mice next to him and they still succeeded to rob him!!!Then we met a Korean coach surfer who was almost robbed right in front me eyes!!! A kid from the street took his money out of his pocket and in the last moment the Korean felt it and grabbed the kid’s hand.
All these tricks cannot work with me, because at the moment when somebody reaches me, I turn around and start hitting. I’ve learned to do that and on some streets locals already know me and do not tease me. Except all this, they think I am military because of my camouflage pants which decrease their attempts a lot. For the first time in Ethiopia, I was thinking to bring my knife with me and to use it not only for cutting fruits. But the temptation would be too strong and I won’t resist it. Someone would have to say goodbye to parts of their bodies or even with their lives.  I was so pissed off, I just tried to restrain myself and I prayed to have the patience so that I wouldn’t kill anyone till I was in this country. You could ask what I was still doing there. Well, I was waiting for visas! I want to leave this sucking town, but on Friday I succeeded to take only the visa to Djibouti (40 dollars, easy and quickly) and since during the weekend the embassies do not work, I should take the visa for Somaliland on Monday morning. (40 dollars and it’s ready for 20 minutes). Somalia is separated in 3 parts and you can take a tourist visa only for Somaliland – the other two can’t be visited. So, I am going to visit only the northern part of the country. Well, it will be interesting to see if my intuition will mislead me since it tells me only good things about this country, as it was whispering only positive things about Sudan as well. After Somaliland, I am going back to Ethiopia (Jesus Christ) and I am having a look on the southern part with the lakes and crocodiles in them) Then, I am going straight to Kenya. By the way, everybody says that Ethiopia is much calmer and safer place than Kenya. In fact, Kenya has a bad reputation because of its high criminal activity and the war with Somalia, so the situation is really tough. But I do not want to have any prejudices, I still hope that it would be better in Ethiopia and people will be more human like. I just meet 99% idiots and 1% nice people per day here, so days pass by slowly and painfully and it doesn’t really matter how beautiful the nature is when you have 5 idiots following you with kilometers. My mood spoils and I cannot enjoy the view adequately.
Still, I ignore all of the teasers and keep saying to myself that I have to endure it just a couple of days more…… this gives me strength not to kill anyone. I feel really sad that my journey turned out in such a direction and instead of feeling positive emotions, it makes me feel only malice and prepares me for war. I hope all will change soon and since then – I am prepared for war!

Translated by: Ivelina F

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