Yay, greetings from Jordan :))) . At the moment I'm in the castle Karak,
last night I camped at Dead Sea and it was awesome :))) . And the night
before some nice people picked me up and invited me in their home and
thus I stayed with a local family in a small village after the Syrian
border. An amazing experience :))) The people here are wonderful,
hitchhiking is great, the food is undescribably delicious, Dead Sea is
deadly salty, the ruins incredibly old and the weather always sunny!
Canyons, mountains, deserts, sea, camels, beduins .... All this I see
every day and I can't get enough! Since I left Lebanon everything's
great, It was a really horrible country, I rank it as the number 1 worst
country in which my foot has set :)) As for Syria and Jordan - I love
them, I don't wanna leave here but if I go that way I'll never reach
Africa :)) . I love the arab world, it's wonderful ! Now I'm off to a
village - Mazraa where I have a host. And tomorrow - to Petra. That's it
for now because internet is in short supply.

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