Three days ago i officially stepped on the African coast:)) I feel so much at home, I can not describe how wonderful everything is and how much beauty and goodness i saw on the road ... In the night the ferry crossed from Jordan to Egypt and arrived at 5 am in Egypt. On the ferry i slept on the deck with dozens of Arabs lying on the ground, it was like a war :))) When arrived in Nuveiba i bought the visa from one bank at the port and they let me pass. All three cars till Sharm were pickups and the rides in the trunk was fantastic, my favorite way of traveling. I stayed two days in Sharm el Sheikh - most fancy resort in Egypt, but did not know before i went there:) But my host was nice and the beach and the Red Sea .... ahhh the most beautiful sea in the world, amazing piece of paradise ... Egypt is a country which I know I will return at least once just to dive, the underwater world here is the most beautiful in the world, people say. Generally everything is amazing - now desert on the way to Cairo, sea and rocky mountains .... make me cry with joy as they look and i feel at home ... This afternoon I arrived in Cairo in another wonderful host, I have so much to write about ... And tomorrow morning i go to embassies and the visa-pains starts for Sudan and Ethiopia. Cairo is crazy city, but I like it and everything is very cheap especially food, so i can afford to eat :)) on my physical condition has a lot to be desired from eating, because in the last 25 days i walk at least 10-15 km with the backpack and not eat anything not even think about it. Pants began to fall and i became dark as a gypsy because of the strong sun, i think before i go to Sudan i will have 100% the same colour as people there :))) The weather is fantasy :)) Warm! Big happiness for me - 35-38 degrees day and night, summer, all day sun and I feel great :)))) Since I started no day with rain or clouds! I love summer so much, I am afraid even to think about what is in Bulgaria now! Here, even in sea water is warm, i already swam in 3 seas since I left - the Mediterranean, the Dead and Red. :))) Amazing time, people, animals, hitchhiking, food, air, water ...... everything is so wonderful

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