I'm in Lebanon at the moment, in Tyr :) . I don't have the capability to
write a lot and every day amazing stuff happens, I meet great people and
find great places, that it's hard to describe it. I'm two weeks on the
road now, hitchhiking is great in Syria, not that good in Lebanon and
tomorrow I'm off to Jordan and we'll see how is it there. People are
awesomely kind and welcoming in Syria, as for Lebanon I can't say many
good things. I don't fancy their attitude and behaviour much and that's
why I didn't stay in the country more. Now I'm couchsurfing with a
Bosnian, a very kind person. Tomorrow I'm on with crossing two borders
and lots of kilometers, so I'm revising the theory (maps and roads) and
then I'm off to eat falafels :)) . The beach here is 10 meters away,
with palms as far as my sight goes.
I managed to upload a few photos from Syria, but it's better than
nothing. Otherwise I've got hundreds. I write down everything concerning
the trip, but on paper and when I have a whole day of net I will type in

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