In early September i start a long hitchhiking trip across Africa. It will continue until I run out of money for visas. I created this blog especially about this trip.

About the trip:
This trip is NOT tourism, vacation, leisure and entertainment ...
This trip aims are:
- hitchhiking as a goal of the journey, not a way of transportation
- learning about local cultures, history, lifestyle, problems
- meetings and new friendships with all kinds of animals and plants
- searching for adventures, risks, difficulties ... as much as possible and all the time
- promoting my hatred and disgust of Europe and the European way of living among the locals in all African countries to convince them that nothing in Europe is worth it and it would be a huge mistake to leave their countries and come here
- sabotage the tourist industry at every opportunity and in any way
- campaign against all the NGOs in Africa who are taking advantage on the local people and destroying the local culture and customs
In all my publications the names of unpopular places which are not known by the mass of people will remain hidden. I do not want to promote Africa and tourism in any way.
One thing i learned from traveling - tourist is someone who destroys what he is searching for, when he finds it! Therefore i'll not share information about places that according to my criteria are worth to remain secret.

Acommodation for all nights will be tent or staying with local people and animals. Transport entirely hitchhiking. Food - what i find on the way or someone gives me.

The trip is dedicated to:
- my biggest support - relatives / my family (humans and animals)
- all animals and plants in the world - my only real friends and loved precious creatures
- all drivers in Bulgaria and abroad, who shared their vehicle with me
- all people who shared their home, food, time, smiles... with me
- one person who, like me, dreamed of hitchhiking in Africa, but did not live long enough to realize his dream - Dimitar (BORIMORT)

Special thanks for the total support to my parents!

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