They say that if one could survive in Cairo, he would survive anywhere. These are my first 8 days here and already I see this is true. I am waiting for my visa and have no patience to leave. Next is Sudan. And most of all happiness, freedom and AIR! The air in Cairo is so polluted. It is unbearable to breath. In a few words Cairo is– dirty, overpopulated, dreadful smog, shockingly noisy. Egyptians in a few words– greedy, lazy and aggressive, with serious communicating problems… I talk to no one on the streets as I’ve learnt quickly that this is useless. My couchserfers on the contrary – amazing, friendly and intelligent. People on the street any minute try to fool me and offer me some lie. Most of white people here actually are fools but it is sad that very rare to talk to a person for a good, adventurous and interesting reason here. Lots of scoundrels try to steal my ticket, pretend to be false guards or push me in some corner somewhere! Annoying! Thus they spoil my attempts to sink into the atmosphere. The key is not to talk to anyone and this is what I am doing actually.
The old town is Islamic. There I am going to go tomorrow with one of my couchsurfing friends. Some festival to go deep in. On El–Tahrir square I saw protests today. Police in white uniforms was beaten badly by the locals. It is a revolution time but nothing compare to the military situation in neighbour Siria. So many things I’ve learnt about egiptians and about the pharaons one might say straight form the kitchen but I have no time to describe them now. After Cairo I go to the desert and Luxor than Sudan. My rucksack is getting heavier and even though I eat delicious food my body melts. The climate is my favourite and this eternal summer makes my mood magical all the time.

Visa for Ethiopia
The embassy is in Cairo 21 Mohamad Al Gazly St, 30$ costs. Next day is ready. One Photo needed.
Visa for Sudan
3 Ibrahim Street, Garden City
1 month, transit. For tourist visa one needs invitation. Transit visa for one month is perfect and you take it next day. Advise you not to wait for touristic one. 1 month is good for Sudan. 2 photos, blank local document and two copies of the same documents, passport copy as well.

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